Sea Pilot Hoist Equipment

Lite Flite sea pilot hoist equipment is made specifically for easy and safe transportation of maritime pilots.

The sea pilot hoist harness is a simple version of the harnesses you will find in our standard assortment. They are designed without a Quick Release Box and they have a fixed lifting strap.

As they are not padded, they do not take up much space and can easily be folded together. As the name indicates, these harnesses are used by sea pilots. It is a much safer solution than transportation in a traditional sling. It comes in different sizes as it is important that the harness fits the sea pilot perfectly.

selected Part Numbers

Part No.Product 
60081450Helicopter Hoist Harness, f. Sea Pilot, M-L, w. integrated suspension strap
60081451Helicopter Hoist Harness, f. Sea Pilot, S-M, w. integrated suspension strap
60081452Helicopter Hoist Harness, f. Sea Pilot, XL, w. integrated suspension strap
60087360Sea Pilot Sling Strop, closed, w. crotch strap
60081620Dispatcher / Hoist Operator Harness, NSN 1670226292900
60081625Dispatcher / Hoist Operator Harness XL
60062026LF light weight equipment bag, 38x42 cm, non woven, black
Note:This is just a selection of our range of products. Please ask for what you do not see !