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In addition to our leading helicopter rescue equipment, we also have a broad assortment of other products. These products are not categorized as helicopter rescue equipment, but are all safe, comfortable to wear and easy to use products. In this category you will find equipment for sea and helicopter pilots, aircraft and ground equipment as well as information about the service that comes with our products.

For helicopter pilots we supply life preservers from Viking. We have developed a harness strap that can easily be attached to the life preserver to prevent it from crawling up.  For maritime pilots we have developed a simple version of our hoist harness to secure a safe and easy transportation on board ships. Cargo equipment includes easy rollers and cargo nets that make transportation of cargo mush easier and less painful for the people involved. Last, but not least, we supply plugs and covers for fixed wing aircrafts and helicopters.

If there is anything you cannot find on our product pages, please contact us. For more information about our services, click here.

Selected Part Numbers

Part No.Product 
80049010Quick Release Box assy., incl. Suspension Strap, NSN 1680223091736, AH 704A41816095, CONSISTING OF:Product Sheet
90019010Quick Release Box, QRB mk-5
60081471QRB Suspension Strap NG, 275 mm, A+A ring NSN 4240226309689
80049014Quick Release Box assy., incl. NLF Suspension Strap, NSN 1680226147822 CONSISTING OF:
90019010Quick Release Box, QRB mk-5
60081476QRB Suspension Strap NG, 275 mm, D+D ring NLF
60081465QRB Suspension Strap FMV, 460 mm, A+D ring, extra QRB tang
60081466Karabiner Suspension Strap FMV, 460 mm, A+D ring
60081472QRB Suspension Strap, 275 mm, D+D ring
80049085QRB mk-5 Upgrade Kit, NSN 1670226319606
80049090QRB Overhaul Kit
90018910LF PQR, Personal Quick Release, manual release
90018915LF PQR, Personal Quick Release, f. wire release
90018920LF PQR wire release f. 90018915
Note:This is just a selection of our range of products. Please ask for what you do not see !