Ground equipment

Plugs and covers

We are manufacturing plugs and covers for all imaginable openings and external parts at both fixed wing aircrafts and helicopters. Covers and plugs for static vent, TAT probe, air intake, oil cooler, exhaust, propeller blade, you name it. We even make soft cone shaped covers for tip tanks and tail wings, a nice feature when your aircraft is parked in dimmed surroundings and you don’t want to hurt yourself or the plane. We use heavy fire-resistant vinyl which is both waterproof and UV-coated. They all come with warning flags and optional text “Remove before flight”.



We make windsocks in all sizes, with or without top light. Our windsocks can be sewn to fit an existing frame or according to your own measurements. Normally, the colors are red/white, but you can have black/yellow or any other color combination you prefer. It is your sole decision.


Pitot covers

Cluttered or damaged pitot tubes not only lead to misreading of airspeed, they are also presenting a real hazard to your aircraft’s safety.

Each year, we produce 1000’s of pitot tube covers, for any type of aircraft. As a specialty, we even make them of leather. When the pilot inadvertently turns on the pitot heat while the cover is still on, it is nice that it is made of leather which does not melt around the pitot tube blocking the static and dynamic holes.

Selected Part Numbers

Part No.Product
20154005Wind Sock Ø30 x 120
20154006Wind Sock Ø60 x 300, NSN 6660226324283
20154010Wind Sock Ø90 x 450, for light
20154011Wind Sock Ø60 x 300, for light, Std FMT, NSN 6660226116603
20154106Base for Wind Sock Ø60 Inox, NSN 6660226199701
20154108Base for Wind Sock w. light, Ø60cm
20154109Base for Wind Sock w. light, Ø90 cm
20154129Light assy for wind sock base, LED
40402300Obstruction Light , LI-32-230-F, 32 cd, 230V, Steady Red
20154135Mast, fiber glass, 5m, w. hinged base
20154138Mast, fiber glass, 8m, w. hinged base
60200180Turbine intake plug, Embraer E190, w. heater hose hole
60200182Turbine intake plug, Airbus A319/320/321, w. heater hose hole
60200183Turbine intake plug, Boeing B717
60200186Turbine intake plug, CRJ900
60400110Blade Tie Down, EC155
60400115Blade Tie Down, AW139 (Tip Sock)
60400119Blade Tie Down, AW189 (Tip Sock)
Note:This is just a selection of our range of products. Please ask for what you do not see !