Gunner belts & landyards

Lite Flite produces gunner belts, a.k.a. monkey belts or body positioning straps, and all sorts and lengths of lanyards for securing the crew during open door missions.

Gunner belts are used by the helicopter winch man to keep him safe inside the helicopter during search and rescue operations.

Lumbar support

Lite Flite gunner belts come in multiple configurations, all built from the same basic construction; A wide, reinforced lumbar support that can be adjusted in the waistline from 60 to 150 cm. For added security, the adjustable front piece of the belt can be equipped with dual click lock buckles.

Fixed or removable

Our gunner belts are equipped with either a fixed lanyard or a tang/d-ring combination for attaching a removable lanyard.

The lanyard is equipped with a length adjuster that does not loosen due to vibrations and wind blast.

Lanyard connector

As an extra feature, customers can purchase our lanyard connector, which is short strap with a hook or karabiner that can be clipped on to the middle A-ring of the QRB suspension in one end, and a click long tang for attaching our click lock lanyards in the other. By using this little device and a hoist harness equipped with a similar tang, the winch man can be secured in the helicopter, without the need for a separate gunner- or monkey belt.

Like the rest of our helicopter equipment, Lite Flite’s gunner belts and lanyards are made of corrosion treated stainless steel and anodized aluminum, as they are sea water resistant and need minimal daily maintenance.

Winchman hoist harness

Moveable lanyard attachment

Many of Lite Flite gunner belts are equipped with our unique, moveable lanyard attachment, like those found on our hoist harnesses. It can be placed in the user’s favorite position to the left, right, center or something in between and is a great tool to improve the working conditions for the hoist operator.  

The lanyard attachment accepts all lanyards, whether it is snapped on by a karabiner, Personal Quick Release or click-lock buckle.

Type certification

Lite Flite hoist harnesses are type tested and -approved iaw European Council Regulation 2016/425 and associated European Norms EN813, EN1497, EN358 etc. The EC Regulation has replaced the old, so-called Fall Protection Directive 89/686.

Lite Flite hoist harnesses are considered “Simple PCDS” iaw EASA Certification Memo CM-CS-005, as included in the latest amendment of CS-27 and CS-29.

Selected Part Numbers

Part No.Product 
60081605Gunners Belt NG, movable lanyard att., Dual click lockProduct Sheet
60081606Gunners Belt, reversed, dual clicklock, single D-ring back
60081607Gunners Belt NG, movable lanyard att., Single click lock
60081608Gunners Belt, single click-lock and 2 tangs
60081609Gunners Belt w/ 2 tangs, D-ring back
60081609AGunners Belt, buckleless, A-ring one side, CLB tang other side
60081610Gunners Belt, 2 click locks, XL
60081611Gunners Belt, Dual Click Lock, 2.7m adj. lanyard
60081612Gunners Belt, Dual click-lock, 2.5m adj. lanyard, shortener snap, EH101, NSN 1680226140191
60081613Gunners Belt
60081614Gunners Belt 1 Click 2,5m Adj lanyard
60081614AGunners Belt 1 Click 1,5m Adj lanyard
60081614BGunners Belt 1 Click 2m Adj lanyard
60081614CGunners Belt, 1 click, 3m lanyard
60081616Gunners Belt / Drop harness, CL604, 1670226205634
60081617Gunners Belt, 2 click locks, w/ lanyard, 1680226269492
60081618Gunners Belt
60081624Gunners Belt 2-Click, 140cm lanyard, 1680226202883
60081628Gunners Belt 1 click adj.B12+D-Ring
60081661Gunners Belt, Dual Click Lock, XS, 2.2m adj. lanyard
60081620Dispatcher / Hoist Operator Harness, NSN 1670226292900
60081625Dispatcher / Hoist Operator Harness XL
60081431Hoist Operator Harness, S/M, Full Body EN361, for PQR attachment
60081433Hoist Operator Harness, M/L, Full Body EN361, for PQR attachment
60081621Lanyard, click lock, 1,5m, adj.
60081622Lanyard, 1,6m, Adjustable, 2 Karabiner, NSN1010226243600
60081623Lanyard, adjustable, 2 karabiner, 2,5m
60081627Lanyard, Click lock, 2,5m, adj., AH 704A41816098
60081629Lanyard Connector Strap w. karabiner, AH 704A41816097
60081634Lanyard, click lock, 2m, adj.
60081636Lanyard, 3m adj., PQR/karabiner
60081637Lanyard, 1.5m adj., PQR/karabiner
60081638Lanyard, 1.5m adj., 2 inox karabiner
60081639Lanyard, 2,1m, Adjustable, 2 Karabiner
60081641Lanyard, 2.8m adj., PQR/karabiner
60081647Lanyard, karabiner / double stud, 3m, adj.
60081648Lanyard, click lock, 4.5m, adj.
60081652Lanyard, 1,7m, Adjustable, 2 Karabiner
60081655Lanyard 2.2m, Elastic, Adjustable, 4010226262160
60081622WLanyard, 1,6m, Adjustable, F&C release
60081627GLanyard, Click lock, 2,5m, adj., SuperSafe Inox karabiner
60081629GLanyard Connector Strap w. SuperSafe Inox karabiner
60081690Merlin Block UB033, 3.3m
60081692Energy Absorber w. karabiners, 48/180 cm
Note:This is just a selection of our range of products. Please ask for what you do not see !