Life Preservers

VIKING YouSafe™ Crew

The VIKING YouSafe™ Crew is a cutting-edge combat gear inspired lifejacket designed especially for helicopter pilots. As lightweight, ergonomic and comfortable as possible, it offers a snug fit, enabling maximum maneuverability for the pilot’s upper body while providing the right support in both emergency situations and during extended wear.

The VIKING YouSafe™ Crew ­has easily accessible adjustment girths, even when the pilot is sitting, for essential comfort and safety. The VIKING YouSafe™ Crew­ is made from­ fire retardant CORDURA® material and it has redistributed weight from the neck to the torso and waist areas in order to prevent neck strain. The fabric of this lifejacket is very tightly braided and that allows for multiple pocket placement options.


This lifejacket is available in both universal size and oversize to ensure better fit. It comes with various STASS systems. Furthermore, it has a sprayhood, an emergency light, a whistle, buddy line, lifting becket and detachable personal pockets.

Key features:

  • Halkey Roberts® manual inflation system (buoyancy chamber can be manually or orally inflated)
  • Made of fire retardant CORDURA® material
  • Easily accessed adjusters
  • Integrated sprayhood
  • Option for PLB
  • Emergency light, whistle, buddy line and lifting becket
  • Multiple pocket placement options

Harness straps 


To keep the life preserver down, hence preventing it from this irritating crawling up, our small and inexpensive Harness Straps can be attached to the life preservers Molle- or braid system. By doing so, neither the life preservers Solas/EASA certification nor the hoist harness EC Type Certification will be breached. A simple solution to an all to common problem.


Selected part numbers

Part No.Product 
60083001Viking Life Preserver, PV9365
60083002Viking Life Preserver XL, PV9365
60083003Stass LV2 pocket f. PV9365, 1066911 / S-5900252
60083004ETSO Radio pocket f. PV9365, 1052119
60083005ETSO Flare pocket f. PV9365, 1052041
60083006Pocket for PLB AU10-HT f. PV9365, 1059080
60083007ETSO Pocket for radio f. PV9365, 1066745
60083008Pocket for Flares and Resqlink+ f. PV9365, 1065160
60083009Light, ACR L8-4, Water activated f. PV9365, 1061855
60083010GME beacon / flare pocket f. PV9365, 1066580
60083011Harness straps f. Molle equipped life preserver
40507206CO2 Single Use Cartridge, 38g +/- 1g, NSN 4220223089587
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