Aircraft equipment

Easy rollers

Ever tried to load tens and hundreds of boxes from a transport container to a cargo compartment in an aircraft ? Ever experienced the back pain that follows ?

Well, we have a solution, we call it Easy Rollers. Once set up, simply move the cargo from the transport container, without lifting, and slide it directly in to the cargo compartment.

Easy Rollers not only prevents back pain, it speeds up the loading process and provides maximum protection for your cargo. Easy installation, easy handling, and easy connection. On top of that, it is light weight, just slightly over 14 kg per meter of straight section. And of course, custom sizes are available.

Cargo nets

When the cargo has been loaded in the cargo compartment, it needs to be tied down according to the aircraft manual specifications. We make your cargo net exactly to your specifications.

Comes with sewn eyes for suspension or snap hooks with or without adjustment.

Selected Part Numbers

Part No.Product
60082120Sea Tray, Center, inflatable tube walls FWD/AFT, EH101 Merlin
60082122Protection Sheet for Sea Tray, Center, EH101 Merlin
60082123Spare Inflatable Tube for Sea Tray, FWD, EH101 Merlin
60082124Spare Inflatable Tube for Sea Tray, AFT LH, EH101 Merlin
60082125Spare Inflatable Tube for Sea Tray, AFT RH, EH101 Merlin
60082126Foot Pump for Inflatable Tube
60082128Valise for Sea Tray 60082120
60082210Sea Tray, MH60 Seahawk, NSN 1730226310655
60082212Protection Sheet for Sea Tray, MH60 Seahawk, NSN 1730226310656
60082215AFT water spill collector for Sea Tray, MH60 Seahawk, NSN 1730226310657
60082220Box cushion for Sea Tray, MH60 Seahawk
60404051Cargo net, Ramp S92A, w/ Rings
60404051BCargo net, Ramp S92A, w/ Rings and extra hooks
60404087Luggage Net, Aisle, AW189, Main Net
60404089Luggage Net, Aisle, AW189, Complete Assy
60404088ALuggage Net, Aisle, AW189, Side A
60404088BLuggage Net, Aisle, AW189, Side B
60404287Cross Strap for Luggage Net, Aisle, AW189
60404289Tie Down Strap for Luggage Net, Aisle, AW189
60401501Easy Roller straight section 500mm
60401502Easy Roller straight section 750mm
60401503Easy Roller straight section 1000mm
60401515Easy Roller straight section 1500mm
60401560Easy Roller straight section 2000mm
60401590Easy Roller 90ΓΈ curved section
60401520Easy Roller hinge assy.
60401536Support legs, complete, 660 mm
Note:This is just a selection of our range of products. Please ask for what you do not see !