New Quick Release Box QRB mk-5 released

May 17, 2018

Our popular and market leading Quick Release Box for helicopter winchmen, is now further developed into mk-5.

In 2018 we updated the QRB to mk-5. The new version prevents wrong insertion of the harness tang into the QRB, due to the redesigned lid featuring a “lobe” covering the small gap. Some other design improvements has been added too, like the new yellow bar without visible screws.

Why did we make this upgrade ?
Previously, we have received a small number of reports, of winchmen and doctors managing to squeeze in the harness tang between the QRB lid and body. Even though no accidents has occured, it has been annoying to the user, in the situation. Naturally, we have listened to the operators reporting this, and the result is the new QRB mk-5.

QRB mk-3 and mk-4 can be upgraded to mk-5, simply by adding an upgrade kit to the overhaul kit. Older QRB mk-2 should all be upgraded to mk-3 or mk-4 by now, and they can be upgraded to mk-5 as well. If in doubt, please contact us for for information. Current users should all have received a service bulletin describing the background and the upgrade. A new CMM version 15 has also been issued.